Artists, Entertainers and Athletes excel at making the world a brighter place. But after all of your hard work, where are your rewards? Is the fruit of your labor trickling (or pouring) away in a dozen places?

Transaction Auditing - Think of it as financial oversight. Do you know about each of the checks written from your accounts? Are you sure that investment you made is legitimate? You have a business manager and an accountant but are they being straight with you? Let us be your eyes and ears. If something is amiss, better to find out sooner rather than later.

Royalty Audits - This is a detailed review of the one who owes you a royalty.

Experience tells us that nearly 90% of those who are notified that their royalty payments are being examined discover that they have underpaid their royalties even before the examination begins.

Royalty audits are ideal for making sure that a mutually beneficial relationship stays on the right track.